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We share our world with some beautiful creatures and birds are a part of the landscape that most people love and value highly. We are no exception to that but it is unfortunately true that in some cases, certain birds can be a nuisance and actually pose a risk to human health.

No need to get into a flap


The main species of bird that require controlling are gulls and pigeons which are often found in urban areas.

These species, and certain others, cause bird nuisance problems by fouling buildings, spreading disease and being noisy and sometimes aggressive during the nesting season.

Bird control on churches, monuments and tall buildings

 •  Bird Netting deterrents

 •  Gel based deterrents

 •  Wire and spike deterrents

 •  Electric deterrents

 •  Removing nests causing blockages

 •  Humane trapping

Wherever possible we use humane methods such as bird netting to deter birds from settling and nesting on your property.


A method of deterrent will be recommended according to the type of building and its' location.

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Humane methods

We specialise in listed buildings and churches but tackle bird nuisance on any high rise structure. Unless controlled, birds can do significant damage to the structure and drainage of a building as well as cause pollution and noise problems.

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