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The damage and destruction that can be inflicted by a lightning strike is considerable so it's hardly surprising that we have numerous annual contracts with property owners to test, maintain and repair their lightning protection system.

Make sure lightning goes with the flow


A lightning strike can cause fires, destroy buildings and can cause injury and even death. It is vital to ensure that all tall buildings are adequately protected.


If you are not sure about the state of your building's lightning protection system then contact our steeplejacks and lightning protection system engineers.

Protection from one of nature's most destructive forces

• Repair lightning protection systems

• Repair earthing systems

• Carry out risk assessments

• Annual test and inspection

• Soil resistivity testing

• Discrete/concealed installations

• Repairs and maintenance

By contacting W Larkins Ltd and requesting a free survey you will have the peace of mind of knowing what state your lightning protection and earthing systems are in.

If necessary we repair lightning protection systems and we also carry out risk assessments.

Lightning protection for your property, call:

01279 434 258

Our services

Free surveys

In order to be able to access your lightning protection installation you need people who can gain access to the highest points of a building and carry out the necessary work.

W Larkins Ltd are long-established steeplejacks who are trained in climbing tall buildings and carrying out the work quickly, efficiently and safely.

A complete steeplejack service