W Larkins Ltd Workman cleaning roof
Work man clearing gutter Work man tiling roof

There are lots of skilled people out there who can repair a roof but could they do it at the top of a very high building that is difficult to access such as a church or a listed building?

Our steeplejacks can carry out all sorts of repairs in very high places, call us today.

We fix what other builders can't reach!


Our highly trained and experienced staff can reach even the most inaccessible areas of a building and carry out repairs and maintenance work.

We can inspect the area and provide a condition report together with a free estimate to carry out the necessary work.

Maintenance to churches and high rise buildings

 •  Photographic inspection

 •  Gutter cleaning

 •  Slate tiling

 •  Repairs to concrete

 •  Sealant replacement

 •  Fixing flagpoles

The nature of our business means that only skilled and experienced people are able to carry out the necessary work.

Find out what kind of a condition your high rise areas are in - call W Larkins Ltd today. Steeplejacks in Harlow, serving the whole country.

Maintenance and repairs to high rise buildings - on your terms, call:

01279 434 258

Some of our services

Only skilled tradesmen

We are nothing if not flexible. Many of our clients prefer to retain us on a contract basis in order to be certain that the inaccessible areas of their buildings are maintained and repaired where necessary.

If you prefer to simply call us when you need us, or think you do, that's fine too.

Annual contracts or ad-hoc services